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Outdoor Advertising

Billboard Location

Rare Opportunity: One of the Best Billboards in Town

RARE OPPORTUNITY: One of the Best Billboards in Charleston is Available   This billboard has not been available for many years – this is an opportunity to get your message and brand on one of the best billboards in the market! This right-hand-read billboard is located on I-26 just east of Ashley Phosphate Rd., which has    […]

Are Digital Billboards Effective?

Are Digital Billboards Effective?

Are Digital Billboards Effective? A recent study conducted by Neilsen illustrates the power and effectiveness of digital billboards in engaging with today’s busy consumers. The study tested six campaigns in five major US markets (Atlanta, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Tampa), and found that digital billboards are noticed regularly and generate high recall for ads. The study    […]


10 Commandments of Outdoor Advertising

The commandments within assure a firm foundation when designing a billboard. It’s up to you to decide what your message is and the concept that will deliver it, but if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be a lot better off than 70% of outdoor advertisers. Thou shalt not use more than 7 words. This is    […]

Paint the town red

Paint the Town Red

  Of course you would!  And that is why billboard advertising is so powerful. In a world of clicks, likes and page views, billboard advertising can’t be blocked, skipped, or put on mute. Billboards are always on, surrounding and immersing audiences with real, powerful advertising, wherever consumers live, work, travel, shop, and play. With hundreds of billboards available    […]

Why Outdoor Advertising?

Why Outdoor?

Why Outdoor?   Outdoor Amplifies Outdoor Advertsing achieves some of the lowest CPMs and highest ROIs in advertising, both as a stand-alone medium and as part of a media mix Outdoor Advertsing presents ads that can’t be delayed, skipped, or turned off Outdoor Advertsing delivers messages relevant to the environment where audiences experience them Outdoor Advertsing builds brand affinity at levels equal to TV Outdoor Connects Outdoor Advertsing    […]

Why Charleston

Why Advertise in Charleston?

  Why Advertise in Charleston? Charleston is a drive-to destination. Most visitors come from North Carolina, Georgia, & Virginia. 7.3% report coming from other parts of South Carolina. 73% of visitors cited food and restaurants as the most enjoyable aspect of their visit. Visitors spent $3.5 billion in the Charleston metro area in 2012. Charleston    […]