Tri-County Roofing Shark Week

 Tri-County Roofing
780 College Park Road
Ladson, SC 29456
Phone: 843 572-2175

Check out Tri-County Roofing’s fun new shark week campaign! 


Client Testimonial

“The amazing thing about outdoor advertising is the ability to showcase great creative in a spectacular and memorable way. Part of the reason for that is the ability to design extensions that leap off the bulletin and bring a message to life. We recently launched a campaign for Tri-County Roofing that found that most people waited for a visible sign of roof damage before requesting an inspection or making repairs. We decided to illustrate the fact that most roof damage is “not this easy to spot”. The extensions designed for the campaign have captured the heart of the creative and the eyes of viewers. At two weeks since launch, we have tracked a 20% increase in site traffic and a similar bump in inspection inquiries.” Read more on SCMR’s website

Shaun Ratliff

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